What is nót done on LinkedIn?

Why this question? Because it bothers me sometimes and I think people can do with some advice from an experienced user, sometimes. LinkedIn is a business networkfacilitator, or is meant to be such. Most people use it according to this intention, but not everybody seems to understand. Hereunder a few simple advices to prevent embarrassing yourself, your company or your employer.

  • Keep your profile up-to-date and activate the “Notify your network” functionality. People will first want to see where you are and what you are up to now, not what you were doing three years ago.
  • Post a businesslike profile picture, so no sunglasses, children or pets in your photo. What about motorbikes, cars and other bigboys toys? I don’t favour them on LinkedIn. Save these pics for Facebook.
  • Watch your language. If you publish a post or respond to other users, take extra care in using correct grammar and spelling. Watch out for automaticially added words or sentences, because – if unnoticed – they may reduce your contribution to gibberish.
  • Remember, LinkedIn has no members, groups and communities have no members, just users or maybe fans. It is not an association in which you pay for your membership and there are no regulations, only (unwritten) rules of interaction.
  • Do not use LinkedIn as if it were some sort of Amazon, Marktplaats/EBay or AliBaba. It is not meant to sell houses and cars and not even for charity, or to try to find your stray dog. Use the appropriate media for these purposes, or keep your dog on a leash and find out why it would want to get away from you.
  • Take your time to explore all functions LinkedIn has to offer, both the free as well as the paid products. You might be in for a surprise.
  • Also be aware of your account settings and adjust them in the way you prefer. Leave them unattended and you will never get the most out of your network.
  • I always find it very handy when an e-mail address and/or telephonenumber is available and easy to find. Mention them at least in your personal contact information.
  • Change of job? Erase your old e-mail address(es) and telephonenumber, often forgotten items in contact info.
  • Do not try to connect to people you never have met or talked to. Sometimes they accept, only to delete you a short while afterward. Most of the times they will refuse and be annoyed about being bothered i.e. not a good start.
  • Furthermore, do not post any games or riddles. We are not interested when active on LinkedIn.
  • Control your number of posts, likes and shares and do not post too many items on a single day. Not everybody wants or has to see everything that you have been watching or reading or digging.
  • Last but not least, quit the quotes! Too many – in a way – interesting and more or less famous statements by more or less famous people, tend to be annoying, do not endure and only pollute our timelines.


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